The scooter weights only 12 kg

The battery charge in 4-5 hours

Maximum speed 20 km/h
(12.4 mph)

A distance up to 20 km
(12.4 miles)

Easy to fold

Trusted & Tested

The scooter has LED lights in the front and back

Electric brake in the front
Flex fender in the back

Puncture proof tyres

What's not to like!

The tires of Story E-motion are airless and solid – yet absorbent and comfortable. The construction of the absorbent tire is based on the honeycomb structure which is flexible and resilient.


Motor and speed

Big motor, nice speed!

The 300W electric motor has a top speed of 20 km/h (~12.5 mph) with more than plenty of power to climb hills even with heavier riders. The range on a single charge is up to 20 km (~12,5 miles).



ECO friendly, NICE!

E-motion features a Battery Management System (BMS) that keeps the 6Ah high-voltage (36V) lithium battery safe and secure. The charge time is 4-5 hours and can be cycled again and again. With a range of up to 20 km (~12,5 miles) – we are pretty happy with this e-scooter


Get ready for a great
produktbillede e-motion

€ 479,95

$ 549,95

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