Beautiful Birch

Older than you

We chose to use the wood species birch for our skateboard decks. Birch trees can be up to 100 years old – but they are already strong after a few years of growth. This decreases the amount of water and soil the trees need for growth, thus being more environmentally friendly.


Deck construction:

For many years humanity has been using birch for furniture, brooms and baskets. The construction of the decks consists of 7 layers of birch that are held together by a thermal lamination. The deck hereby gets very stiff and solid.


Deck size

A size to all

The STORY skateboard series offers different widths and lengths of decks. If you are one of the bigger guys, of course you need a larger skateboard than the smaller guys in the skatepark. The different deck sizes have been made in series to fit the size of your feet. The bigger your feets, the widther your skateboard.



Light and durable

The trucks of the Story skateboards are 5” classic skate trucks made of aluminium. They are light-weight and give plenty of control when riding and doing tricks.



Smooth and controlled

The setup of Story skateboards are designed with some hard 100A 53mm wheels. The wheels are fitted with ABEC-5 bearings. The small and hard wheels are good for tricks and maneuvers. 


+25 colors and design options

Get ready for a great
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