Create everlasting moments on your kayak adventures! An inflatable kayak takes up little space when stored away and it is easy to carry the kayak to the next adventure.

1, 2 and 3 person

The Story Highline-series comes in 3 different sizes. If you prefer paddling by yourself you should choose the single person Kayak. We also offer double and triple kayak options for couples and families.


The Highline kayak-series features various designs and color options. You’ll find multiple color options for each length. Great selection of beautiful colors!

Fast and stable


Get ready for a great
produktbillede highline

   1-Person / 2-Person / 3-Person

€ 879,95 / 999,95 / 1199,95

$ 999,95 / 1139,95 / 1369,95

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