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Story 70’s Foldable Kick Scooter


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Product information:    Story takes us back to the 70’s with their new retro colored scooter for both adults and children (+8 years). This CE approved city scooter is brilliant for anyone looking for an easy and more efficient way to get around the city streets. Story 70's transport scooter is of high quality and can easily be used whether you need to get to work or school.This Story 70's scooter is intended for transportation and it can be adjustable in height to fit both adults and children. In addition, it has a folding system that allows the scooter to take up less space when you travel by bus or train. Transport scooters are brilliant to use for commuters who want to move around quickly.To achieve a light and strong design, Story had to be more innovative than ever before. Story was inspired by the durability of stunt scooters and chose to use both the design of forks and headsets of stunt scooter. Fork and headset were adapted to fit this scooter with such big wheels.The large and soft wheels also provide an incredibly comfortable and fast ride on paved roads. These, in combination with the front suspension, allow you to comfortably ride on bumpy roads. All so you can enjoy the wide handlebars and ride as if you rode on a Harley motorcycle.The integrated and strong headset also allows you to ride harder and faster, as it is originally used for stunt scooters that undergo much more force.The rear brake system enables you to ride safely even at high speeds.If you need an efficient means of transport to take you from one destination to another and appreciate the retro look of the 70’s, this scooter is just you.Features:Adults and childrenFoldableFront suspension

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