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Story 8″ Skateboard


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Story skateboards in great designs that are especially suitable for beginners and experienced young skaters. These all-round skateboards are 8" in width, which means a lot of space for the feet of the skateboards. A skateboard from this Story series can be used indoors and outdoors in the skate parks or around the city streets.With better space on the skateboard for your feet, you will be able to easier practice various maneuvers and stunts. In combination with the control from Story's aluminum truck, you get a really good and light skateboard that begins.The material for the deck is 7 layers of birch, which is a excellent material for skaters who are starting out and practicing beginner level stunts.The good round wheels and ball bearings give you a great and fast roll, both up and down ramps, but also when you're just skating around in the street or the skate parks.If you are interested in skateboarding and want a skateboard with plenty of space for your feet, for better control of stunts and maneuvering, then one of these Story skateboards will be a brilliant choice for you!

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