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Story Airtrack 3m x 1m x 10cm


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Awesome Story airtracks in several colors and of a 10 cm thickness and a length of 3 meters. These Story airtracks are perfect for kids, as an inflatable "playground" for lots of fun and jumping activities. It can also be used by gymnasts of all levels who lack something to practice their many jumps on at home or in the garden.Story airtracks can easily be paired with the use of the velcro by the ends, so you can get even longer jump lanes and go completely crazy with wild combinations of jumps. This is smart for gymnasts who train together or also just want to further enhance their skills. The clever line design along the middle of the airtrack also allows you to more easily maintain a fine line of tricks and jumps, so you avoid leaning too far onto the sides of your airtrack.And with an electric pump included in a nice bag, you'll have plenty of opportunity to easily pump up the airtrack and take it around with you in the park or to the beach.If you are a gymnast or in need of an easy-to-use and alternative "trampoline" for your child, these inflatable Story airtracks will definitely be for you!

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