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Story Airtrack 5m x 1m x 10cm


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Story has launched a bunch of colourful airtracks. These are 10 cm thick and have a length of 5 meters. An airtrack with a length of 5 meters is really good for anyone who loves to jump and execute many kinds of gymnastics. If you are into that this is a nice thing to have, since it allows you to practice at home or in the garden.These Story airtracks can be put together using the velcro by the ends, which makes your airtrack much longer, so you can combine more tricks and jumps. If you are into gymnastics and think it is fun to workout with your friends, this is a great feature. In the middle of the airtrack, there's a line that makes it easier to hold an even line of jumps across your airtrack.When you purchase one of these airtracks, a bag and an electric pump are also included. All to make it quick for you to inflate your airtrack and move it around with you, whether to the parks or the beach.Athletes, regardless of their current abilities, will be able to get plenty of good training on one of these airtracks, and if your playful kids lack an alternative "playground" for jumping around, then a Story airtrack is just what they need.

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