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Story Airtrack 6m x 1m x 20cm


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Story airtracks in many colors and high quality, with a thickness of 20 cm and a length of 5 meters. The 20 cm thickness provides better comfort and better jumping, making these long airtracks ideal for adult gymnasts and older children.6 meters long airtrack, why not extend it further? With Velcro by the ends, you can pair your Story airtrack to another and achieve incredibly long jump lanes that will make your gymnastics workout with friends a real pleasure. The center line helps you stay within the airtrack as you combine your various jumps.An electric pump and bag are included with the purchase of these airtracks, so you can easily bring it to the park or the beach and get ready to go crazy with tab jumps and saltos.If you are a high level gymnast or you just love playing and having fun, then you will be able to enjoy many hours of enjoyment from these airtracks from Story.

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