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Story All Terrain Big Wheel Kick Scooter


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Product information:Story All Terrains is an off-road scooter that you can use in the woods or on the roads. The scooter is recommended for children and adults between 140-185cm. With inflatable tires, this scooter can be ridden in literally all terrains.Story All Terrains is built around a strong deck of aluminum. The deck is designed to be long but relatively narrow to save weight. The handlebars are originally from a stunt scooter and for that reason the bars are wide and without height adjustments. The advantage of no adjustments is that the bars are stronger without moving parts. The grips are soft and comfortable.The scooter comes with inflatable tires – just like those on your bike. The pattern of the tire is rough for better grip when riding off-road. The valve is a powerful auto-valve (Schrader valve). Inflatable tires allow for changes in riding properties. Tires with high pressure will ride faster whereas lower pressure gives more grip. With the ability to alter the tire pressure, this scooter can literally ride in any terrain!Story All Terrains comes with a rear brake system.Features:Adults and ChildrenInflatable TiresOff-roadStrong and Durable

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