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Story Bandit DOS Pro Scooter


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Product information:Story Bandit DOS is a stunt scooter which is recommended for children aged 4-10 years. The scooter is intended for the beginner who wants to enter the world of stunts and at the same time wants a stylish scooter. This stunt scooter can be used for stunts in the skate park and in the streets near your house, but it is also suitable for transport.The DOS version (or "version 2", in English) of the Story Bandit scooter has been totally redesigned and is currently much more stunt-oriented, while it is still light and has a modern look. With the new design, the beginner becomes the "MOST WANTED" scooter-bandit in town!With durable aluminum wheels and reinforcement of the handlebars, even the toughest tricks and landings are possible – also as the scooter-rider advances from beginner to experienced.This complete scooter for kids and young people is equipped with a Rogue of a deck! The deck of the Story Bandit DOS is made of strong aluminum and offers not only a cutout for the fork to be visible through the head tube, but also two slide rails on bottom of the deck, to make it easier to learn how to slide.Are you the new Bandit in town? Otherwise, you will be, with this stylish scooter for tricks and stunts. Conquer the streets and show your own unique style! Spice your style up with the raw cool gangster attitude of the Bandit DOS scooter.Features:Beginner/intermediateAluminum wheelsReinforced bars – marked.The manufacturer guarantees a high standard! CE marking is a guarantee of the manufacturer that the product meets safety and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA).

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