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Story Beast Pro Scooter


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Story Beast is a pro scooter for everyone – both beginners and more experienced riders. It is ideal for the skate park and technical ramp stunts, as it is both robust and weighs almost nothing. Giving ample opportunity to push yourself with new exciting stunts and maneuvers.The bar for this scooter consists of chromed steel, which strengthens the construction and makes it solid and incredibly durable. The material of the deck is made of aluminum, which helps to keep the weight down. This also makes the scooter easier to steer when you rush up a ramp to perform dope air stunts. In addition, the Story Beast scooter deck is made with cut-outs that not only reduce the weight, but also provide space for mounting pegs.The wheels' nylon design and narrow profile of the size 110 mm, with a hardness of 88 A and ABEC-9 ball bearings, make them super light and well resistant to friction. What this means for you is that you will be able to build speed more effectively and thus race around the skate park, like a true minotaur on wheels.So get on out there and unleash your inner monster with this brutal Story Beast stunt scooter of the highest quality – the beast is hungry for some action!

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