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Story Buddy Kids Inline Skates


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The adjustable Story Buddy inline skates are perfect for all young girls and boys who love speed, maneuvers and intermediate tricks. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced skater does not matter – with a friend like Story Buddy at hand, your kid is sure to enjoy hours of fun.The material for these skates consists of a good combination of different materials. For the boot itself, there are soft materials such as textile and foam. These provide a roller skating boot that is both solid and of high comfort – suitable for several hours of use. In addition to further strengthening the boot's durability and provide a great support – as well as better protection. The boot is made with construction of hard plastic.All of these materials contribute to the high quality of the Story Buddy roller skates' boots.The blade consists of aluminum, which is a lightweight and robust material. An aluminum blade means you will get more out of your deposits and achieve your speeds faster. In addition, you also get a generally stronger, high-quality skate.Superb roller skates with a good fit, which can be adjusted in size, make them obvious for children in adulthood. If your child loves skating and they want to enjoy a little of everything the sport has to offer – then a friend like Story Buddy will be a perfect start!

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