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Story City Ride Adjustable Kick Scooter


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The Story City Ride scooter will suit every city slicker in need of a super smooth and fast ride through the city. Whether you’re an adult or a youngster, you’ll quickly discover just how quick you can get around to all your desired destinations, riding on this very high-end transport scooter for adults and kids. And yes, the Story City Ride is indeed for both adults and kids as the height can be adjusted pretty easily to suit various of peoples’ heights. So, no matter where you wish to ride to in the city, do it with a unique styled quality scooter build for all the city has to offer!The Story City Ride is a high-quality scooter for kids and adults. In order to make it light and durable it was made in aluminum and plastic. This will ensure a very lightweight scooter, but also help keep up speed, when you’re riding on the streets of the city.However, to truly race through town the wheels of the size 200 mm, with a hardness of 88 A and bearings of ABEC-9 is what will guarantee you a fast-paced tempo right as you set off on your many soon to come trips on the roads. The hardness will also help keep your rides comfortable, when riding over minor bumps in the street roads. Furthermore, the bearings of ABEC-9 makes your turns easy and super precise, which comes in handy during sharp turns that can occur. Along with the great material aluminum and the ultra light plastic, you got a scooter that is both light, fast and durable. The one-piece designing of the scooter’s patented plastic form and shape increases its durability by a great amount. All so that you can really cut loose riding towards your destinations and enjoy tons of crazy fun. For the final finishing touches the Story City Ride transport scooter can be adjusted to fit more than one height, making this a high-quality scooter for adults and kids. So, if you plan on riding through the city on a transport scooter of high-quality, enjoying good times while racing to all your various destinations, be it school or work or even just some sweet riding in town. Well, then the modern ways of transportation calls to you and there’s no better scooter for the job than the Story City Ride!

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