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Story Civic Comfort Kids Foldable Kick Scooter


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Product information:Story Civic can be adjusted in height and is recommended for children and young people between 110-170cm. With wide inflatable wheels, this scooter is more versatile than other transport scooters (however, it is not suitable for direct off-road riding). The scooter is used for transportation to and from school. It can be folded and carried along at the bus and train.The Story Civic is designed with inflatable tires – the same tires you would find on a bike. Inflatable tires are far more versatile when it comes to bumps and stones on the road. The valve is a powerful auto-valve (Schrader valve). The large wheels usually increase the riding position, but the platform of this scooter is lowered to an extent that makes it energy efficient to kick yourself forwards. Because the platform is lowered, the ground clearance is also decreased. Therefore, the scooter is not suitable for off-road driving.The scooter is foldable and can quickly be folded and carried into a bus or vehicles. The folding mechanism consists of a clamp that must be loosened before a small handle can be pulled. The rear foot brake will stop the scooter safely.Features:ChildrenInflatable TiresLowered platform

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