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Story Crony Kids Inline Skates


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The Story Crony inline roller skates are perfect for those who love speed, cool maneuvers and skating tricks. They are skates for everyone, both beginners, experienced and pro riders.It is possible to adjust these roller skates in size. This is super smart as it allows children to grow up with them and thereby have them for several years.With relatively small wheels of the hardness 82 A and ABEC-7 ball bearings, you get wheels that are suitable for maneuvering and tricks. And that accurately and quickly follows each of your movements as you skate in the park or city.To strengthen the skates, the blade is made of aluminum, as this is a light but still extremely strong material. In addition, an aluminum blade also provides significantly better take-offs when you set off and start skating.The boot for these inline skates consists of textile and foam, as well as a protective construction of hard plastic on the outside. The textile and the soft foam materials, both contribute to an extremely comfortable and comfy boot. There with a good adjustable fit, makes it possible to use Story Crony for hours of fun. Both outdoors and indoors in the skate hall.Should you or your child be looking for a pair of inline roller skates for short trips and cool maneuvers, then Story Crony will surely be the skates for you!

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