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Story Diablo Pro Scooter


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Product information:Story Diablo is a stunt scooter which is recommended for children aged 3-8 years. The scooter has a low total height and is intended for children who want to learn to ride scooters and do tricks. This scooter is great for transportation and for learning the first tricks and stunts on the streets near your house. Story Diablo is a stunt scooter that can also be used for the first visits in the skate park.With the low height and weight of Story Diablo it is easy to maneuver for children. The design of the deck makes it much lighter compared to larger stunt scooters, without compromising strength to a degree that matters to children and light riders. The Y-handlebars are strong, and the grips are gentle to your hands. Wheels with nylon core and a threaded compression system make this scooter affordable and ideal for newcomers!Create your own story with this scooter from the brand Story. You will be developing quickly, and if you continue, "El diablo" might conquer the city with you!Features:BeginnersLight weightY-handle bars

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