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Story Diablo Stunt Scooter


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Story Diablo is a lightweight pro freestyle scooter. It is suitable for a bit of everything within the scooter sport and is a good choice for beginners that are looking for an easy start and would like to try their hand at different types of tricks.The Diablo scooter has a bar of chromed steel and an aluminum one-piece deck with T6 strength. This means you get an incredibly robust and durable light weight stunt scooter. The T6 strength means that the aluminum has been pressed with as much as 6 tons weight, which has strengthened the material's strength and thereby the scooter. In short, Story Diablo is a true devil in the skate park, fully equipped for various tricks and hard landings.The wheels have a size of 100 mm and are of hardness 85 A. This gives you relatively small and light wheels with high control and quick response for all your maneuvers. In addition, these wheels provide high speed with the high ABEC-9 value.If you are in for a versatile quality stunt scooter with plenty to offer, Story Diablo will be a perfect choice for you!

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