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Story Disco Roller Skates


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Story Disco is a pair of retro side by side roller skates for both children and adults. They are suitable for super duper disco dancing in the skating rink, but are also perfect for casual fun and play in the streets.The roller skates have an outer boot material of a sturdy artificial leather that like a disco ball are quite the eye-catcher. Along with the inner material of textile, you or your child will get a pair of side by side roller skates of high comfort – perfect for several hours of use!The aluminum blade strengthens the construction of the Story Disco roller skates and also contributes to a faster acceleration when you set off on a ride both indoors and outdoors.In addition, the 58 X 32 mm wheels with a hardness of 82 A and excellent ABEC-9 ball bearings, you will be able to achieve a high-performance and comfortable ride. The wheels are also highly responsive to your movements and are easy to control.If you are into partying and letting loose, happy days and everything that is retro, then you are bound to bring the disco back with these quality side by side roller skates!

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