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Story Division Inline Skates


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Story Division is a pair of inline roller skates. They are for a bit of everything within the roller skating sport. Everything from short trips, to smaller jumps and easier types of tricks. More technical for these roller skates in particular, the boot, wheels and material of the blade are worth mentioning.The boot consists of a technical combination of durable textile, soft foam and robust plastic for a strong and protective roller skate. These materials all contribute to a solid boot that will last long, of high comfort and good breathability for the feet.In order to perform your best in the skate parks and on all your rides, some wheels of a certain caliber are required. Therefore, the Story Division has 84 mm wheels, with a hardness of 82 A and ABEC-7 ball bearings. These three parts give the 4 wheels everything they need to be used for a bit of everything within the roller skating sport. The wheels roll both fast and well, and the size makes them suitable for lighter kinds of tricks and jumps in skate parks.The blade is made of aluminum. For you, this means that you get a blade that is both strong and light at the same time. For all-round inline skates, this is the alpha omega, as you will be able to enjoy them for a significantly longer time – as well as achieve satisfactory speeds on all rides.With an easy to use buckle and some laces, these Story Division roller skates are easy to get on and off. And well-fitted for you who are passionate about a pair of quality roller skates for a bit of everything!

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