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Story Downtown Kick Scooter Disc Brake


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Product information:Story Downtown is a scooter intended for transportation and is recommended for older children and adults. The scooter can be adjusted in height and fits people from 145-190cm. The scooter is particularly good as a safe transportation option to and from school and work. The safety of this scooter is top notch with disc brakes and shock absorption.Story Downtown is a modern scooter that focuses on safety. The scooter is not the lightest on the market, but the additional weight offers high safety and other delicate features. The scooter is built on a strong aluminum base with a solid platform with space for your feet. The cable of the handbrake is channeled through the bar and later the deck. The cable runs protected all the way to the brake caliper. The large and wide 190mm wheels ensure that the scooter handles bumps in the road with ease. Vibration from the road is absorbed by shock absorption in the front fork and on the rear wheel.The scooter is designed to be foldable and easy to carry along. A clamp must be loosened, after which a handle on the side initiates the folding mechanism.Features:Adults and older childrenDisc BrakeInflatable tiresFull suspensionFoldable

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