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Story Dream White Figure Skates


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Story Dream are great figure skating for beginners and experienced skaters who want to go out and either skate freestyle, pair running or ice dancing. However, they can also be used as recreational skates on public ice rinks with friends or family.If you are into freestyle ice skating such as pirouettes and jumping, you will need skates with the possibility of good take offs. Therefore, these skates have the so-called toe picks at the end of the tip of the blade. The blade for Story Dream is also factory sharpened when buying these skates. It is recommended that you get the blade sharpened regularly to maintain the quality of your rides on the ice.The material of the boot is PVC with a soft shell for a high level of comfort and solid construction, where there is good flexibility for your movements. The inside of the boot is made of textile, which warms well and in addition also contributes to an incredibly comfortable boot. Suitable for use in long sessions on the ice.If you like figure skating and wants to give free running, pair running or ice dancing a go. Then you will enjoy these quality figure skates from Story.

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