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Story E-Motion Electric Scooter


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Product information:Story E-Motion is an environmentally friendly electrical scooter (e-scooter). It is intended for transportation of adults and older children. The e-scooter has a top speed of 20 km/h and a max range of 20 km. The scooter can easily be folded and carried along in the bus or train.Story E-Motion is mounted with airless and puncture proof tires. The technology of puncture proof airless tires is based on honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure, of an otherwise solid plastic tire, makes it resilient and able to absorb bumps this way. Honeycomb tires together with front suspension makes this scooter super comfortable to ride. A wide platform and tall handlebars give this scooter an ergonomic riding position even for taller riders.The e-scooter is EC-approved and has mandatory front and rear lights as well as reflectors. The e-scooter has a double braking system – an electrically motor brake and a mechanical rear foot brake for emergencies.Story E-Motion is powered by a strong 300W motor with torque that can pull even heavier riders. The motor is powered by a 6Ah high voltage lithium battery of 36V and yields a max range of 20km on a single charge. A digital display shows your speed and voltage. The battery is charged in approximately 2-4 hours. The e-scooter has three speed modes and can be adjusted to fit your level.The e-scooter can easily be folded. The folding system is activated when pulling the quick release lever. When folded and closed the scooter takes up very little space and can be brought into trains and busses.Features:Max range: 20kmHoneycomb Tires300W motor6Ah (36V) battery3 speed modesFoldable

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