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Story Express Transport Scooter


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Story Express is a CE approved and adjustable transport scooter for anyone who needs to get from A to B quickly. Whether you are going to work in a hurry or on the rush to school, you will benefit greatly from a Story Express transport scooter.This two-piece transport scooter for adults and children is of high quality and designed as a collapsible scooter made of lightweight aluminum. What this means for you is that you can easily fold it together and easily take it on the bus or train. The large soft 82 A wheels provide a great comfort and in combination with the suspension on the front wheel, you will be able to ride smoothly through all the city streets. With an effective spring brake, you can slow down quickly and stop should it be needed.As mentioned, the scooter can be adjusted in height so it can be adapted for both children and adults. If you need an uban and smart way to get around between your bus and train stops, you should consider getting a Story Express transport scooter.

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