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Story Fast Ride Foldable Kick Scooter


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Fast Ride is a transport scooter made of aluminum, which is an extremely light material and therefore helps that your scooter will be much lighter in weight, and thus also really fast to ride on. Story has clearly done a fantastic job in producing a perfect transport scooter for adults and children of very high quality. In addition, the deck on the Fast Ride scooter is wide, so there is plenty of room to ride stably with both feet standing on top when driving fast through the streets. With light, soft and large wheels of the size 200mm, this transport scooter for adults and children can run unaffected across the many bumps that can occur on your trips. Story has also developed the wheels itself and found a solution that provides the best possible speed, comfort and driving pleasure. In addition, the wheels have ball bearings of ABEC-7, which means very high quality level, and will let you drive at a really good speed, as well as accurately follow your movements at turns and turns. Never has it been so easy and felt so wonderful just to turn right or left.So why not try your hand at this beast of a transport scooter for adults and children? And thereby get to your many destinations both faster and easier in an equally fun way. You will quickly find the joy and freedom of owning an adult scooter for transportation as you quickly get driving down the streets and on the paths to work or school. The Fast Ride transport scooter is at least already assembled and ready to go in the second your need should arise!

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