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Story Freedom Kids Inline Roller-Skates


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The Story Freedom Inline Roller-Skates is a freeride skate that lets you move freely through and all-round the various roller-sports. Doesn’t matter whether you’re more of a daring stunt skater or a speedster craving the thrill of intense speeds, these roller-skates works for both and more. The Story Freedom Inline Roller-Skates are inline skates for everyone to enjoy. Available in many sizes and with the neat feature of adjustability. Meaning these roller-skates are a perfect choice for kids or younger skaters, who still grows each year. If you’re in need of just a little more freedom within the roller skating sports, well, then you can’t go wrong choosing the Story Freedom Inline Roller-Skates!So, if you were to be interested in some sweet details, then read further down below as we dig deeper to discover the many great features of these neatly designed top quality roller-skates.For starters, these roller-skates from Story got wheels made of PU rubber. What that means for you is a far smoother and a hell of a lot sturdier ride. No matter if you’re skating indoors or rolling through the city streets. And to top that off, the blade is made of aluminum. This adds to the effects of a stiff and a more effective ride, which will keep up your speed much better.Besides providing a smooth and sturdy ride, these roller-skates also offers a great comfort thanks to the soft mesh materials they’re made of. But they’re not all soft and mesh made. Not by a long shot, you see, on the outer parts of the skate, extra padding and hard plastic will keep you well-protected during even the wildest of rides. And when things get heated and intense, why not praise the one who during the designing phase took the liberty of ventilating these roller-skates. Amazing idea!Another great feature for the Story Freedom Inline Roller-Skates is the Smart-Click-Lock system created by Story. Along with the snares and Velcro lock methods, these skates will feel nice, tight and fit perfectly. Ensuring the best possible overall feeling when out performing stunts or cruising through the streets. So, if you want a freeride inline roller-skate that can help you to freely take part in all which the roller-sports has to offer, for years to come. Then the Story Freedom Inline Roller-Skates is your best bet. High quality skates with fancy features and new technologies, all to improve the efficiency and comfortability for you when you’re rolling outside or skating indoors. Now, if that isn’t freedom, then freedom should stop by Story, for these roller-skates right here, ladies and gentlemen… Are by far, much better!

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