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Story Frost Roller Skates


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As mentioned above the Story Frost Skates are on the inner parts made of suede, making them super comfortable and an Ice Queen worthy to wear. Along with the soft cushioned soles inside the boot, you can be assured that not even the truest of Snow Princesses will feel any discomfort on the roads due to objects as small as peas. The outer part of the boot is made of PU leather, which is a very durable material. Perfect for those who plan on conquering all the wonders of the world with these cold enduring Story Frost Skates.As a freeride quality Side-by-Side skate, Story Frost skates are ready for a bit of everything the skating sport can offer, even derby skating. There’s nothing an Ice Queen or Snow Princess can’t do! And with rounded edge PU wheels with ABEC-7 bearings, you’ll be skating as if on ice. Meaning soft and smooth on the icy roads and streets, rolling in a blizzard storm wild and freezing. Showing off the strength and force these Story Frost Skates possesses!So, if you’re a beautiful ice like gorgeous and crystallized snow diamond of frost, Queen or Princess. Then there’s no need to hide this anymore. Why? Well, because with these cool, yet super-hot and pretty looking Story Frost Skates, you’ll be more than ready to let it all go and rise with style like the break of dawn!

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