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Story Future Adjustable Big Wheel Kick Scooter


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The future is here and with it follows the Story Future scooter. Story Future is a CE approved quality scooter for transport. It can be adjusted in height and is therefore suitable for both adults and young people.Story Future is made of aluminum, which is a light and strong material. It is perfect for transport scooters as these types of scooters are for transport and thus no wild stunts or hard landings. With aluminum you achieve a lightness that makes the scooter easy to lift and with the collapse function, you can easily bring your transport scooter onto the train or in the bus.As a commuter between bus and train, this transport scooter can easily be taken along and used when traveling from train station to bus stop.And you will be able to arrive quickly and comfortably as you ride through the streets on Story Future's large, narrow and soft wheels. They will be able to handle various bumps in the road without any issues for you on your trips.Story Future stands ready on its support leg and waits for you when you need an easy and more efficient city riding scooter.

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