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Story Glider Ice Hockey Skates


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Story Glider is quality skates for ice hockey. These skates are for all adults, both beginners and more experienced ice hockey players.Ice hockey skates must be strong and able to withstand blows, as a result of the ice hockey sport's wild matches. Therefore, the boot of these ice hockey skates consists of hard plastic and an extra hard shell. So the boot is strengthened and made durable in relation to blows and the aggressive style of the ice hockey. The hard shell also helps to give your feet protection, so you are better protected from injuries.Inside, the boots for Story Glider consist of textile. This warms your feet and provides a high comfort for all your upcoming ice hockey matches.The blade is factory sharpened and ready for use. However, it is recommended to regularly sharpen the blade so that the quality is maintained and so that you do not lose valuable speed and control of your movements.If you have just started on an ice hockey team and you need a couple of new skates, then these Story Glider skates will be an obvious choice for you!

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