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Story Global Inflatable Paddleboard / SUP


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If you need the perfect SUP for Touring / SUP tracking, Story Global will be an excellent choice. The SUP board is fast sliding and fun on both flat water and in smaller waves. There is enough volume for the whole family and can easily carry a child, a dog or luggage and supplies for the trip.Story Global is a quality SUP board, which is extra rigid, so that maximum performance and speed can be given to all your trips on the water near the beach or around various lakes and canals.As with all SUP boards from Story, you get everything you need included in a functional bag. There is a paddle, pump, a fin and a leash, and a useful repair kit. In addition, Story Global is a CE-marked SUP, so you are guaranteed a board of the highest quality that meets all safety requirements.The design and construction of this SUP is the characteristic pointed shape of classic Touring SUP boards. This gives better propulsion in water and at smaller waves, so you gain greater speeds across the water. In addition, as part of the construction, the SUP board's deck pad is made with a smart EVA Diamond Grip, which provides good grip for your feet. The simple Single Skin construction with Double Rail makes the Story Global SUP board incredibly light in weight, and therefore easy to carry around in the bag or inflate when using the pump.Story Global is also developed as a SUP board with a Single chamber. This means that you just have to pump the board up from a valve, and that in your SUP there will be a more uniform pressure, which increases the durability for several years of use.This inflatable quality SUP from Story is the perfect SUP board for you who love SUP and Touring / Tracking, and would like to go out and paddle some nice long trips across the water.

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