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Story Highline 2-Person Inflatable Kayak


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A quality Story 2-person inflatable kayak, suitable for you who want to enjoy kayaking with a partner. The kayak is especially good for beginners that either wish for a fun activity for themselves, family or with friends.Perfect for your next time you go camping or on a relaxing weekend in your cottage.The design for this inflatable Story kayak is a 2-person kayak. There are 2 booster seats with support for the back. The seats make you sit soft and a bit higher up. This means that it is incredibly stable and easy to steer, which makes it an obvious choice for beginners interested in kayaking. The kayak is made as a single skin construction with double rail and use a dropstitch technology. As a single skin, you get a lighter kayak, which is reinforced with double rails and has a durable and rigid bottom due to the dropstitch technology. In addition, the kayak is made with 3 inflatable chambers, which are easy and quick to inflate using a standard high-pressure pump.Recommended maximum pressure is 10 PSI, and it comes with both 2 paddles, a pump and fin, and a functional bag with wheels to easily carry all your gear.If you and your partner plan to try out kayaking, as your new joint activity – then an inflatable Story kayak like this will be just the thing for you.

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