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Story Highline 3-Person Inflatable Kayak


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This Story 3-person inflatable kayak is for you that wants casual and short or long paddle trips. It is great for beginners and easily experienced kayakers who enjoys a fun activity with family or friends.The kayak is ideal for use when you go camping or head off for a cozy weekend in your cottage.The Story kayak is designed as a 3-person kayak with booster seats that all have a high back support. You sit a bit higher than with certain other kayaks. This makes it incredibly beginner friendly as you achieve a greater stability and will have an easier time steering the kayak. The construction of this kayak is a single skin with double rail and a single inflatable chamber. This means a reinforced and lightweight construction of a kayak that can be quickly inflated with the included high pressure pump. The dropstitch technology ensures you the best performance and a very stable and stiff kayak.The maximum pressure is 10 PSI and when purchased there are both 3 paddles, a pump and a fin, as well as a functional bag with wheels to easily carry it all.If you want to go out on a cozy kayak trip with your family or friends, and explore the lakes while camping – then this 3-person inflatable Story kayak is exactly what you need.

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