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Story Mission Hockey Inline Skates


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Story Mission is hockey inline roller skates for riders with an interest in skate hockey. They are perfect for high speeds and aggressive rides in the hockey hall with friends. They are both for beginners who are about to try out with skate hockey. As well as the more experienced riders, looking for a new pair of quality roller skates.The roller skates are made of a technically smart combination of materials. For the boot itself, the materials consist of textile and soft foam, as well as a hard shell for extra protection and strength. The fabric and the soft foam provides a comfortable boot of optimal comfort, for hours of fun in the hockey hall.The wheels, all of which are 76 mm in size with a hardness of 82 A and ABEC-7 ball bearings, provide a pair of fast and stable hockey skates that easily achieve high speeds. This is further strengthened by the flat setup of the wheels, which means that the wheels are of the same size and that they are all placed at the same height of each other. All to create better stability and fast speeds. In addition, the size of the wheels means that it is also possible to maneuver easily around the hall when rolling around opponents and quickly to score a goal.The blade of aluminum provides increased strength for the entire roller skate, and at the same time also helps with your take offs – so you can quickly get up to speed.Do you love skate hockey or is it just time to give this sport a go, then you will greatly enjoy these Story Mission hockey inline roller skates!

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