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Story Motion Inline Skates


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Story Motion is a pair of adjustable inline skates for beginners and more experienced skaters. They are made as all-round skates, which means you can use them for a bit of everything within the sport. So, whether you mostly enjoy short rides or cool maneuvers in the skate park, you will no doubt like these quality inline skates by Story!With relatively small wheels of a hardness of 82 A and ABEC-9 ball bearings, you get wheels that rides well and are perfect for maneuvering. When out and about skating you will also notice how the wheels accurately follow each and every one of your movements – even for the sharpest of turns.The blade for the Story motion skates are made of PP. This is a hard plastic type, which is super lightweight material that provides an overall robust construction.The actual boots for these skates consist of a combination of textile and foam, as well as a solid layer of hard plastic for increased strength. The soft textile and foam material gives you a pair of comfortable skates for several hours of use both indoors and outdoors.Get moving with these Story Motion inline skates and enjoy many hours of fun and games, either in the streets or at your nearest skate park.


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