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Story Neon Light Inline Skates


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Story Neon Light is a popular inline roller skate suitable for beginners as well as practiced roller skaters. Neon Light is a quality skate with several adjustment options, allowing you to adjust the skate for a perfect fit. The adjustment options also allow your foot to grow as the skate can be extended in length, making this inline skate the perfect choice for the youngsters.The innerboot in this model is made of softbot lining and the heel support is stiff, which means the comfort is in top. This technique also ensures that the feet don't slip or twist around in the roller skate.Story Neon Light can be used by the whole family, and is suitable for street driving, fitness, and regular hobby riding. Story is a well renowned brand in the roller skate and skateboard industry, and it is therefore a safe choice to buy Story roller skates.

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