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Story Outlaw Pro Scooter


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Product information:Story outlaw is a stunt scooter for children between 3-8 years. The scooter is intended for beginners who want to do their first tricks. This scooter can be used for tricks and stunts on the street near your house. The scooter can also be used for transport and the first visits to the skate park.With a low total height and light weight, Story Outlaw is easy to steer and maneuver for children. The construction of the deck is designed to be much lighter compared to larger stunts scooters. The light weight does not compromise strength to a degree that matters to children and light riders. A Cutout for the fork to be visible through the headtube give a modern look. The setup with solid steel bars and aluminum deck is built to last all day long. Nylon core wheels and thread compression system make the scooter affordable and ideal for newcomers.Create your own story with this stunt scooter from the brand Story. Whether it is you or the scooter that is "the outlaw" in your story is for you to decide. Regardless of your choice, the outlaw scooter can do all the forbidden tricks and stunts with you at the bars!Features:BeginnerLightweight

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