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Story Pulse Ice Skates


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Story Pulse is a pair of skates for versatile use in leisure time. They are perfect for both beginners and intermediate skaters who love fun and play on the ice or in the skating rink.The material for the boot is made of strong plastic with a soft shell, as an outer protective construction. This soft shell also provides a higher level of comfort. There, in interaction with the inner textile material, the boot makes nice warm and comfortable for several hours of fun on the ice.To be able to close and tighten the boots – laces, buckles and velcro are used. These help you to tighten the boot for a proper fit and also make it smarter with more closing mechanisms than just laces.Upon receiving the Story Pulse recreational skates, the blade is factory sharpened. It is recommended to sharpen the blade regularly to maintain quality. Both for the boot itself, but also for the quality of your rides on ice or the ice rink.If you need a pair of recreational skates to quickly get out and skate with friends and family, then these Story Pulse skates will just be the thing!

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