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Story Rebel Inline Skates


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The Story Rebel inline skate is ideal for all the bigger riders, who want a versatile and reliable skate, always! The technical basics about this skate should be enough to make you want to ride it. At the top you have the standard locking system to make sure to are lock and loaded everytime you step out in them, you also have a great hard shell around the foot and ankle that will support you regardless of whether you just take a short stroll or decide to use them for sport. At the bottom there is a beautiful aluminum blade that provides strength and big wheels to help you gain speed. Perhaps most importantly is the comfort and this skate has it! It has extra padding on the inside, several vents so your feet can breathe and both velcro and shoe laces, so you can tighten them just right. This skate is an altogether great product that will comfort your every need!

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