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Story Ripper Transport Scooter


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Product information:Story Ripper is a scooter intended for transportation and is recommended for children and young people taller than 125cm. The scooter can be used to and from school. It is foldable and can be size reduced to fit into busses and trains. You can transport yourself on this scooter with ease and because the scooter can be folded the scooter itself can be carried along with ease as well.The build material of the Ripper scooter from Story is aluminum. The scooter is strong and lightweight so that children easily can maneuver it. It is mounted with large 200mm wheels to increase speed and to handle bumps and small stones on the road. In general, Story Ripper is designed with focus on high comfort. Normally, large wheels increase the rider height and therefore you must bend your knees much more to kick yourself forward. This is inefficient use of energy. Story combats this by lowering the platform for a more efficient kick. The handlebars are tilted slightly forwards for the rider to have more space and ultimately a more comfortable position when riding. ABEC-7 bearings make the wheels spin smoothly and the rear brake stops the scooter safely.Features:Children and teensHigh comfortKickstand

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