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Story Road Runner Big Wheel Kick Scooter


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If you’re in need of a light scooter for your trips to school or work, you would definitely benefit greatly from this transport scooter by Story. Road Runner is a scooter for everyone of all ages and heights who would like a quality scooter for the short and the longer journeys. The Road Runner can be folded in less than 10 seconds and includes a strap, which makes it significantly easy to bring along on a bus, train or subway, and should you wish to put your scooter off, it can stand just fine using the mounted support leg. In short, this scooter rides like a dream!The Road Runner is made of the lightweight yet also very durable material aluminum. The clamp, fork and headtube are of the highest quality with an incredibly sweet finish, which really shows the minds from Story’s design team’s talent. Likewise, as every quality transport scooter, the height can be adjusted to fit your preferable height. This makes it a scooter for both adults and kids to enjoy. In addition, with a wide deck you’ll have plenty of room to stand firmly and stable on both your feet. The rubber grips are an extra ergonomic detail for your hands, as they have been designed in a way that ensures a comfortable grip when riding.As a transport scooter, the Road Runner has large wheels of the size 200 mm that doesn’t weigh much and reduces the irritation of riding over uneven roads and surfaces. Story designed the wheels themselves and called them Comfort Wheels, as they provide the best possible riding experience that only improves with a mounted shock absorber on the front and rear wheels. To top it off further the wheels are with ABEC-7 bearings that gives high speeds and precise movements when riding. Ideal to avoid getting caught by a certain Coyote. However, should he get too close you can timely use the flex fender brake and send him head first down a cliff. So, if you’re courageous enough for this ingenious means of transportation then this scooter is just for you. With an already assembled scooter after purchase, you’ll be ready to race to all your destinations and enjoy the best of scootering times. So, come on, stop wasting time and start running with the Story Road Runner… hmeep hmeep!

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