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Story Shockwave Inline Skates


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Story Shockwave are inline roller skates with lots of courage! As all-round roller skates, it is necessary to be able to handle both the short fun rides, smaller jumps and easier types of roller skating tricks. With an advanced interaction between the boot, the blade and the wheels, you are guaranteed a pair of quality roller skates for a bit of everything!The roller skates' boot is made of robust and comfortable materials, which together provide a solid boot of high comfort. On the outside, the boot has a protective plastic construction, which firmly holds everything together and strengthens the boot as a whole. Inside, the boot consists of textile and foam. These contribute to the high comfort and also provide breathability for the feet.The blade is made of PU. This is a durable plastic material that is also incredibly lightweight. Smart for those that likes high velocities and speed.These Story Shockwave roller skates have 4 wheels of size 84 mm. The hardness of these wheels are 82 A, with ball bearings of ABEC-7. Individually, they all give you a superb all-round inline roller skate. Both for fast rides and easy maneuvering.The quality of these inline roller skates is shocking and just as wild is the fact that you still do not own a pair yourself. If you are into roller skating, and want to try out more than one aspect of the sport, Story Shockwave is right here waiting.

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