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Story Soul Roller Skates


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Story Soul is a pair of freeride side by side roller skates made for good times and happy days. Their design is based upon the classic retro design, where wheels are set side by side. The roller skates are perfect for children and women who seeks joyful rides and the best of times.Both beginners and intermediate riders will greatly enjoy Story Soul, and experience how easy it all just rolls with these versatile side by side roller skates.The boot is made in a thick deterioration and velvet construction. What this gives you are roller skates, which are both solid, with a good fit and a maximum comfort. The blade is made of hard plastic. This strengthens the entire roller skate and maintains a lightweight boot that are not going to slow you down on your skating trips.Story Soul has 54 mm size wheels. Of the hardness 82 A and ABEC-9 ball bearings. What all these 3 properties together provide is a pair of fast and super rolling freeride skates. It is also easy to maneuver with sharp pulls – even for beginners.If you or your child want a pair of stylish quality side by side roller skates for a bit of everything in the roller skating sport, then Story Soul will without a doubt be just your thing!

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