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Story Space Inline Skates


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A pair of cool inline roller skates for all adults who are crazy about speed and excitement. The roller skates are perfect for freeride and race, as well as longer trips around the streets. The possibilities with Story Space are endless, so if you are interested in roller skates that hold speed, distance and intense moments – these will be quite the hit!ABEC-7 ball bearings, a 110 mm wheel diameter and a hardness of 82 A, give you some absolutely superb wheels that roll quickly on the asphalt. Beautiful and with high comfort for the feet at every turn and on all your upcoming rides.If you are launching like a space rocket, the boot must also be of top quality. The circulation around the Sun goes around and around, and therefore Story Space must use materials such as aluminum, textile and soft foam. Inside you get a pair of roller skates that are both comfortable and breathable. The outside of the boot consists of solid textile and protective hard plastic. Together, this provides a solid boot of high comfort.In addition, the blade of aluminum also helps to both strengthen the Story Space roller skate, but also maintain a certain lightness that makes it possible to achieve the high speeds. Indoors in skate parks or outside around the city streets.If you know a space traveler on roller skates or you are passionate about a trip with these fast inline roller skates, then Story Space is for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional rider does not matter, as these inline roller skates are for everyone!

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