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Story Spike Adjustable Inline Skates


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Story Spike is a great choice for all boys and girls of almost any kind and age! The rollerskate is allround, which means it can be used for anything from small cruising rides to small jumps and average stunts. On the more technical side it is worth mentioning some of the details behind the boot, blade and wheels.The boot is made of light textile materials that a breathable, so your feet wont get too hot when you ride. The blade is made of aluminum, which provides strength in the lower section of the rollerskate and make it more sustainable in generel. The wheels are of standard size and hardness, with nice ABEC-7 bearings which all helps to make your rides more smooth and comfortable. So if you are standing and wondering what rollerskate would make the best for a beginner or intermediate rider, this one should be one to check out twice.

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