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Story Star Roller Skates


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The space bound future awaits and with Story Star Skates you’ll be ahead of our time with some sweet and intergalactically star racing roller skates! This quality designed, and lovely looking pair of Side-by-Side skates is for every little moon dust sprinkled and star gazing girl, as well as the futuristic Space Skating Sorceresses, who wants to go further and reach beyond the tried and true. Like a rocket ship aimed for the stars, you’ll roll by burning bright of joy and prestige, capable of doing everything the skating sport offers. Also, have no fear, because should you need it you can always use the PU brake and slowdown in time. The skates are comfortable to wear too, with the sweet suede on the inside, your skating trips can be enjoyed throughout our whole Solar System. It’s time to get funky Space Girl, to skate beyond the Milky Way and dance among the brightest stars of the Universe, all while wearing these pretty Story Star Skates!The inner part of these Story Star Skates is made of suede, which makes them crazy cozy for your feet. Plus, with the soft cushioned soles too these roller skates are truly the perfect match for a supernova of a Superstar. The outer part of these skates is made of PU leather, which is a material with very high durability. Superb for all wishing to take these Story Star Skates onto the streets for some roller skating fun or intergalactical space adventures.As a futuristic timeless designed freeride Side-by-Side roller skate, it’s only your imagination and determination that limits the things you can do within the skating sport. To be the future roller skating Star Queen of the Universe, one needs some great looking sharp square edged wheels made of PU with ABEC-7 bearings. Since wheels such as that would make you roll smoothly on the roads and make you go super-fast, almost lightspeed fast some might suggest. Another thing one would need to skate dance on the Milky Way would be a blade made of aluminum. As it would be a far better, more flexy and sturdier roller skate. How convenient that all the above is exactly what these Story Star Skates got, some luck you got there, Spacefarer.So, what do you say soon to be Ruler of the Galaxy? Deep down you know this world of ours isn’t big enough for you, you need more. And what better way to start your roller skating fun than with these, starlight touched Story Star Skates. Take aim at infinity and shoot for the stars, should you miss the first time you’re space bound to collide into another, don’t ever give up!

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