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Story SUP Pump


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This Story SUP pump is a high quality high pressure pump. The pump is suitable for inflating inflatable SUP boards. It is a relatively large pump that can hold up to a few liters of air – which is more than most pumps. In terms of height, it is also slightly higher than usual, so you do not have to bend so much forward when pumping.The Story SUP pump can pump up to 29 PSI (2 bar). This means that your board can become extra hard if this is preferred. As a double pump, it means you can pump both ways. This must be understood as meaning that the air is pumped both when you pull up the handle and when you push down. However, you can adjust this so that, for example, the last few times only pump downwards.A SUP pump, where you will no doubt be able to feel the difference the next time you have to pump your inflatable SUP board up by the beach.

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