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Story Town Adult Kick Scooter


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Product information:Story town is a scooter intended for transportation and is recommended for older children and adults. The scooter can be adjusted in height to fit people from 140cm to 180-185cm. With just a single push with your feet, the scooter can be folded and carried along. It is ideal as transportation to and from school/work. Because it is quick and easy to fold, it is also ideal for commuters to bring into the busses and trains.The design of Story Town focuses on comfortable riding and a user-friendly folding system. The scooter is built on an aluminum base with lightweight plastic extensions of the deck. The extension forms a wheel guard in the front. The deck and bars (handlebars) of the scooter are exceptionally strong as it is held together with an IHC-compression system. IHC-compression systems are usually used for heavy duty scooters such as stunt scooters. With the large wheels and shock absorption, you can rely on a comfortable ride every time. The scooter maintains high speeds and it is safely stopped by the rear braking system. Story has designed a simple and user-friendly one-step folding system. With just a single push you can open and close the scooter.Features:Adults and older childrenFull suspensionQuick Foldable systemHIC compression

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