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Story Twilight Inline Skates


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As the Sun sets, Story Twilight emerges. And when the night is waiting and the darkness starts to threaten. Then these inline roller skates are our the last light of day.Story Twilight are inline roller skates for a bit of everything, but especially for freestyle riding. If you like really cool tricks and awesome maneuvers, you will definitely like a pair of these quality roller skates.With its relatively smaller and hard wheels with ABEC-7 ball bearings, you are guaranteed a pair of fast and well-rolling roller skates. That are easy to control and steer around corners and turns in the road.The boot material for these inline skates consists of textile and foam. This contributes to a comfortable and breathable roller skate that, in interaction with the buckle, laces and velcro, provides a good fit for your feet.The blade is made of PU, which is a light and durable material with lots of strength for the entire boot. For whenever you race across the paved roads.Do you like tricks and maneuvers, or do you want to ride on the streets on nice short rides. Then the Story Twilight skates are just the thing for you!

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