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Story Ultra Ice Skates


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Story Ultra are robust ice hockey skates for both novice enthusiasts and more experienced ice hockey players. As skates for ice hockey this is what they are best suited for, and you will therefore get the most out of these skates if you also practice the sport yourself.An ice hockey skate must be strong and withstand the wear and tear of the wild matches on the ice hockey field. That's why these Story Ultra skates are made with a solid plastic material like the outer shell that strengthens the boot for aggressive and intense use on the ice. In addition, this shell also provides good protection against injuries to the feet.The inner material of textile provides good warmth and comfort for all your future ice hockey skating. Upon purchase, the blade comes factory sanded and is ready for use. However, it is recommended to sharpen the blade regularly to keep the quality at the top.If you have recently joined an ice hockey team or just need a pair of new skates for ice hockey, then you will love these Story Ultra skates!

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