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Story Union Inline Skates


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Story Union are some high quality inline roller skates for all adults. They are well suited for a bit of everything within the roller skating sport. Whether you are for short trips or smaller jumps and easier types of tricks, then these quality roller skates will your ideal choice.These roller skates have 4 wheels with a size of 84 mm. The wheels are of the hardness 82 A and they got ABEC-7 ball bearings. All these details contribute to wheels, which roll both well and fast, but are also easy to control during maneuvers and turns.The material for the blade is aluminum. This is a relatively light and strong metal, which gives strength to the entire construction of the roller skates – as well as increases the durability and improves your acceleration.The boot itself consists of textile, some soft foam and a protective construction of hard plastic. The inner materials provide comfort and breathability for the feet. While the hard plastic solidly assembles the boot for a higher quality roller skate.Story Union unites a functional and stylish design, for a pair of high-end inline roller skates for adults. Perfect for a bit of everything within the roller skating sport. Regardless of your current level as a beginner or professional roller skater!

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