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Story Urban GO! Foldable Kick Scooter


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Product information:Story Urban Go is a scooter intended for transportation and is recommended for everyone less than 100kg. The scooter is height adjustable and can fit adults up to 180-185 cm children down to 3-4 years old.Story Urban Go is a safe choice for adults and young city dwellers. This transportation scooter can be used to and from work and school. You can enjoy long and peaceful rides through the narrow alleys and wide beach walks. The Story Urban Go is foldable and can be reduced in size just by a few clicks. This makes it ideal for commuters and everyone else using the bus and train.Wherever you want to go, ride the Story Urban Go transport scooter!An urban transport scooter of high quality requires uncompromising strength and lightness, powerful high-speed capabilities and a certain sly cleverness that quickly adapts and adjusts to the surrounding world. To provide strength and lightness, the Urban Go scooter is made of aluminum. Aluminum is both a light and durable material. Besides ensuring you a strong and durable scooter, the lightness of aluminum metal also grants for better speed capabilities.To increase the speed of this transportation scooter, Story made sure to give the Urban Go scooter large 200 mm smooth wheels of 88 A hardness and with ABEC-5 bearings. All this combined keep your rolling speed high and ensure high comfort when riding on slightly bumpier roads.You can adjust the height to fit either adults or kids. Should you need it you can fold the Urban Go scooter and carry it along.Features:Children and AdultsFoldableKickstand

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